How to Receive the Attention and Love

How to Receive the Attention and Love

One of my good friends, a he, was very upset last days and he told me few very interesting things. Was funny… but not so funny at the same time and you will see why.

He was very disappointed because girls from nowadays doesn’t know how to enjoy about romantic moments, atentions or presents. And I’ve asked him… why? Well check it out:

1. I’m afraid that if I’m gonna give a roses bouquet to a girl she will count them. It’s like, if they’re not 101 pices of roses it means that they are not from the bottom of my soul.

2. I’m afraid that she’s gonna forget to kiss me, because she will be to busy to make photos with the bouquet for the Instagram or Facebook page. For me, honestly, it’s not a honor that my bouquet for her to be on social media pages close to other thousands bouquets from others.

3. I’m afraid that she’s gonna ignore the bouquet. Are a lot of girls which are very bored or this is how they wants to looks, that if they get some flowers they forget them in a corner. Ok, I understand in this case, that maybe i’ Not interesting for her but, those flowers needs some water.

4. I’m afraid that she will not understand my gentle gesture and she will just considerate me a loser, who brings flowers because his mommy teached him like this.

It’s funny when I realize after he said to me this story that this is really happening in nowadays but I also thought to myself if I know how to enjoy the moment and beautiful things or I have to remember that.


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