About me

When I was only 4 years old I’ve learned that I have super powers and since then I let myself guided about their “magic”. Let me tell you! I was in one of the free days from the kindergarten with my mom at work. At that time she was working on the Press Trust Agenda as Chief Accountant. I’ve looking forward that the financial guard finish her work, thinking about the delicious pear nectar from the table of the two representatives. It was clearly told to me from the very beginning: “Denisa, we are not allowed to drink before, we will drink after, if we remain somenthing for us, the nectar is for the financial control team!”

It’s very hard to understand, especially for a greedy little girl like me. Because I never was a patience girl, I went into the control room, where my mother placed me in a corner to don’t bothering under any circumstances. From there, from the chair, I saw the two massive men drinking that pear nectar. I endured how long I’ve could, until I got up from my chair and I’ve put my hands together and I’ve prayed to the two of them: “Please be nice to not drink the juice so that we can have it after you leave!” Everyone stopped breathing for a second, my mother face getted yellow and told me to sit back in the chair. I immediately subjected myself, especially because now I had the juice in my small hands.

Nobody has ever touched the juice, but guess what… I still was bored. So I got up again from the chair and went to the oldest of the two… it seemed more authoritarian. We started talking about all sorts of things and amusing ourselves. That man was often telling to my mother that he also has my age grandchildren. At one of the point I wanted to say something, to make it clear for everyone: “Mama, this man is my best friend now!”

At the hearing of these overwhelming words, the gentleman told to his colleague to close the papers and collect everything because they don’t give fines to friends.

Yes, that’s me, ambitious, and I always find a way to what I want. And my strength is the power of friendship!

The destiny wore me at the Intact Trust, where I am a special reporter today and where I have tied beautiful friendships.

See you here or on my social media where I’m sure that at some point we’ll be friends!