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Despre mine…

Despre mine…

Pe la 4 ani am am aflat ca am super puteri si de atunci mereu ma las ghidata de “magia” lor. Sa va povestesc!

Eram in una din zilele libere de la gradinita cu mama mea la job. Pe atunci ea lucra la trustul de presa ,,Agenda” pe postul de contabil sef. Asteptam cu nerabdare pe holurile insitutiei ca garda financiara sa isi termine treaba, cu gandul la nectarul delicios de pere de pe masa celor doi reprezentanti. Mi s-a spus clar din capul locului: ,,Denisa, nu e voie sa bem inainte, bem dupa, daca ne ramane si noua, nectarul e pentru control!”

Foarte greu de inteles asta mai ales pentru o copila pofticioasa ca mine. Sfarsita de rabdare, am intrat in camera cu pricina unde mama m-a asezat de frumos intr-un colt ca sa nu cumva sa deranjez. De acolo, de pe scaunel vedeam cum cei doi oameni masivi beau cu pofta din nectarul de pere.

Am indurat cat am indurat pana cand m-am ridicat de pe scaun si cu manutele impreunate ca la rugaciune le-am spus celor doi: ,,Va rugam frumos sa nu mai beti din suc ca sa ne ramana si noua dupa ce plecati!” Toata lumea a amutit, mama s-a albit la fata si mi-a spus sa  iau loc inapoi pe scaun. M-am supus imediat, mai ales ca acum aveam sucul in manute. 

Nimeni nu s-a mai atins de suc, totusi ma cam plisctiseam. Asa ca m-am ridicat din nou de pe scaun si m-am dus spre cel mai in varsta dintre cei doi… parea mai autoritar.  Am inceput sa povestim tot felul de lucruri si sa ne amuzam. Domnul respectiv spunandu-i adesea mamei mele ca are si el nepotele de varsta mea. La un moment dat am tinut sa precizez ceva, ca sa fie clar pentru toata lumea: ,,Mama, eu m-am imprietenit cu nenea asta!”

La auzul acestor cuvinte magulitoare, domnul i-a spus colegului lui sa inchida actele si sa stranga tot, deoarece ei nu dau amenzi la prieteni.

Da, asta sunt eu, ambitioasa si gasesc mereu o cale catre ceea ce imi doresc.  Cred in puterea prieteniei!

Destinul m-a purtat in trustul Intact, acolo unde sunt astazi reporter special. Aici sau acolo sper sa ne cunoastem si sa ne imprietenim!

Happy Birthday to my photographer!

Happy Birthday to my photographer!

Today is a big day for one of the most important person from a woman’s life (generally speaking) the photographer. I said ,,my photographer” not because is just mine but he is the only one I could trust if I want to express myself in any way, and do you know why? Because he never asked me to, he always let me decide.

Thank you for everything, especially for your unconditional support. I know that you deserve much more than this words…  You mean a lot, not just for me especially, but for everyone who meets and knows you!

I’m wishing to you all the best…


P.S. In a good day I will put my hand in my pocket, I’m gonna open my wallet and I will give you a lot of money. Even you will not needed! It’s a word! 

How to Conquer a Woman

How to Conquer a Woman

It’s a beautiful morning and we want to make it wonderful for you. So, me and Ana decided to talk for you about a lot of things. We don’t have the coffee in our hands but we are pretty sure that you will take care of that.

I think is nothing more juicy than two girls gossiping in pajamas, with a lot of beautiful gifts around them. For this time, for my first article and interview I’ve choose to bring to talk about beauty, weakness, gifts and spoiling, more exactly how to conquer a woman, a Romanian model, Ana Roman.

If presents are important in a relationship, or if a man brings flowers just in special occasions, which one is the best gift received by Ana Roman and in what kind of love moments is she now, you can see and hear in my ,,Nothing to hide” video. Enjoy!

Pajamas: bedtime_by_annaroman
Flowers and gifts: Buchetino
Photographer: Viorel Gabriel Titu
Make-up: ely.paun

How to Receive the Attention and Love

How to Receive the Attention and Love

One of my good friends, a he, was very upset last days and he told me few very interesting things. Was funny… but not so funny at the same time and you will see why.

He was very disappointed because girls from nowadays doesn’t know how to enjoy about romantic moments, atentions or presents. And I’ve asked him… why? Well check it out:

1. I’m afraid that if I’m gonna give a roses bouquet to a girl she will count them. It’s like, if they’re not 101 pices of roses it means that they are not from the bottom of my soul.

2. I’m afraid that she’s gonna forget to kiss me, because she will be to busy to make photos with the bouquet for the Instagram or Facebook page. For me, honestly, it’s not a honor that my bouquet for her to be on social media pages close to other thousands bouquets from others.

3. I’m afraid that she’s gonna ignore the bouquet. Are a lot of girls which are very bored or this is how they wants to looks, that if they get some flowers they forget them in a corner. Ok, I understand in this case, that maybe i’ Not interesting for her but, those flowers needs some water.

4. I’m afraid that she will not understand my gentle gesture and she will just considerate me a loser, who brings flowers because his mommy teached him like this.

It’s funny when I realize after he said to me this story that this is really happening in nowadays but I also thought to myself if I know how to enjoy the moment and beautiful things or I have to remember that.