How to Conquer a Woman

How to Conquer a Woman

It’s a beautiful morning and we want to make it wonderful for you. So, me and Ana decided to talk for you about a lot of things. We don’t have the coffee in our hands but we are pretty sure that you will take care of that.

I think is nothing more juicy than two girls gossiping in pajamas, with a lot of beautiful gifts around them. For this time, for my first article and interview I’ve choose to bring to talk about beauty, weakness, gifts and spoiling, more exactly how to conquer a woman, a Romanian model, Ana Roman.

If presents are important in a relationship, or if a man brings flowers just in special occasions, which one is the best gift received by Ana Roman and in what kind of love moments is she now, you can see and hear in my ,,Nothing to hide” video. Enjoy!

Pajamas: bedtime_by_annaroman
Flowers and gifts: Buchetino
Photographer: Viorel Gabriel Titu
Make-up: ely.paun

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